Monday, 3 May 2010

When did romance turn to ignorance?

When did it become perfectly okay for someone to steal your heart for four months, to reassure you that you are worth being with, that you are 'perfect' even, and feeding you words of security that they won't hurt you, that they are different to any guy who has ever caused you heartache, and tears in the past, and to say the three small words that cause such a huge impact; i love you, and out of nowhere, they shatter it all into a battle of ignorance that they refuse to resolve. And you find yourself wondering, did I imagine it all? Did I imagine him actually loving me.? Because you must have, this was never in your radar. You never thought he'd be capeable of such cowardly actions. Not after all that he said, and promised. But how well can you know someone in four months? It's true, you can fall head over heels in the matter of weeks, days even. Every word they feed you, you drink. You enjoy it. And you give, and give and give. Then, out of nowhere, everything is over, and they're gone.
Quicker than they came.
No explanations.
No valid reasons.
And it's just another failed relationship, built on a broken promise.