Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dear, Stacey Bess;

When I was at primary school, this couple would visit every few months and talk about God, the bible, and various other religious stuff. I'm sure they were called Jackie and John. Even then, at such a naive, impressionable age, I'm not sure I believed in God, but I listened. And during one of those visits, Jackie told us a story about two people who visited a church. On the way out they passed a small donations box, and both stopped to make a donation. The first man, a well dressed and wealthy man dug into his pocket and dropped a whole load of coins into the box before walking away. The second man, not as well dressed and without much money stopped and dug into his pocket before pulling out just one coin. His last coin. He dropped it into the box before he too walked away. Jackie turned to us all and asked a simple question,
'Who gave more? The first man, or the second man?'
Of course, we all were positive at that young age that the more you physically gave meant you gave more, but we were all wrong. You see, it was the man that gave his last coin that gave the most. The richer man gave because he could, he still had loads more money, therefore it didn't mean so much as the man who gave up his last coin selflessly. 

I've just finished watching the film Beyond the Blackboard, and it truly inspired, and touched me that one person could make such an impact on a group of not only children, but adults lives. To give so much, and ask for nothing back, it something that not a lot of people do today. We work to survive, and I'm sure that not many people can put their hand up and admit that their job, what they do for the majority of their being, is what they love. Or that what they do is for the benefit of others. We seem to work to fund our lavish, materialistic expenses, and I admit, I'm no exception. I work in a job I despise purely because it pays off my minimum payment on my credit card, and funds my Topshop and ASOS shopping sprees. Not many people would give that up for a job that is purely beneficial to those around them, and I absolutely take my metaphorical hat off to Stacey Bess for every thing she achieved. To say you're an inspiration is by far an underestimate, and there should be more people like you in the world. And if there was, perhaps there wouldn't be so much bad, and more of the good.

- Lo x

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Little Things in Life.

We've all been asked that question as some point in our lives. The 'What couldn't you live without?' question that has us all brain-bashing extravagant items round and round our heads. GHD's, pots of money, and not forgetting those almost naked photographs of Adam Levine that has us all hopeful that we'll one day secure ourselves a guy who ticks all boxes of perfection such as he. 

And if you're at all interested in the things that complete my life, then here you go :)

'Love it or hate it' - I most definitely love it. A slice of toast, buttered to the point where the butter creates bobbles of soggy bread, and then smothered with marmite. Mmm!

Oversized Jumpers;
I would like to shake the hand of the genius who decided that it was acceptable, in the comfort of your own home of course, to look like a sack of spuds! After a shower I like nothing better than getting into my comfiest, biggest clothes and snuggling up like a crab in a shell.

Caffeine - amen. 

This should have technically been at the top of my list. Music seriously gets me through life, however cliched and dramatic as that sounds. It relates to life, it changes your mood, it just helps with any situation. I probably owe Apple a high five for inventing the iPod - you completed my life. 

Those two hot irons that I also owe so much to. Seriously, they transform my au-natural yeti hair into something a little bit more socially acceptable. 

Probably the one piece of make-up that I might die without (seriously).

So, I have this headache and can't really think of much else at this moment in time. I think I might be dying. So if I'm alive tomorrow, I shall update!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Caffeine High.

Black coffee;one sugar?
Yes please.

My latest addiction <3


So, here I am, back in England and back to the mundane routine that I call 'life'.
I can't begin to explain how much I fell in love with Greece. I've never before visited a place where I could easily, and realistically, not boarded that plane home. The chilled way of life, the Vespa scooters whipping over the island, up mountains and along cobbled streets, everything about Elounda, I loved. The history, the crumbling mountains surrounded by these beautiful ocean views . . . I fell in love.

So, the plan now is to now clear my name of typical adolescent debts (Bye, credit cards - sob sob!) and save, save, save, and then take a gap year off from the 'real world' and go to Greece, pick up a bar job, and spend all my free time writing my books, and exploring the parts of the Island I couldn't manager to trek up with flip-flop clad feet!

Here are a few of my favourite spots I visited, and the odd typically posed, whilst trying to look au-natural, tourist photo.
Enjoy! :)

The typically Greek looking house; white walls and blue shutters and doors. I loved it :)
The small Caulsway area with clear water and boat.
The view from my lounger on the beach; mountains surrounding the Island.
The view from the walk along to the mountain.
The cutest little fluffy bundle that is a dog, from a house along by the mountains.
A little house hidden behind plants. I thought it was sweet.
My own little bedroom balcony. Also where the horrific moment when I was semi-naked before realising a group of Greek children were watching, occurred.
Here it is; that tourist picture, perched delicately on a rock as the camera chinked. However, unbeknownst to anyone else, that rock moved when I sat on it so I had to practically perch over it. But hello, you're not a tourist unless you pose a little, right? :)Another little house.
The view out towards the sea, and mountains from a mountain.
Another view :) Look at how beautiful and clear the water is.
The church we found at the top of the first mountain we trekked up. Absolutely stunning architecture, makes you realise how much pride they put into their work.
Back of the church.
Yet another view (Sorry, but they were all breathtakingly lovely!)
The view from mountain number two; overlooking the beach.
The resort we found at the top of a mountain. Well worth the sweat inducing walk up there.
Here it is; the moment my dream, and desire to ride nothing other than a cream Vespa was born.
The view of Spinalonga from a train up into the mountain.
The gates of Spingalona Island; once the lepas came through this gate, they never left. It was quite sad to stand there and feel shut and confined to a small island.
A house on the Spinalonga Island.
The view from the ruins there; another beautiful view that called for a photographic memory.
Another angle; I loved the way the tree was bowed to one side from the wind :)
The water surrounding Spinalonga; it developed in colour and was so clear. Those little black dots are sea urchins.
Here it is; that second tourist photograph. However, this time, my pose is rather natural, and yes, I pride myself on my Grinch expression.
A very Greek looking cart outside a house along in the mountains; too cute and Greek looking to not share.
The elderly man they named the 'Pope' lived here; he died this year, aged 99.
Along the same mountain as the Pope; The set of the programe 'The Island' adapted from the Victoria Hislop was filmed.

Lastly, I'd just like to take a second to say another huge thank-you to my Nan, who took me to a place she has been going to for ten years, and shared with me history, friends and some delicious foods! (Yes, the jeans are much tighter coming home; the result of too much bread!) But not only thank-you for that, thank-you for allowing me to come with you, you've helped inspire not only a book, but a film script, so if I make my millions; I owe you a house in Elounda. x

Thanks for looking at my holiday snaps; Hopefully more to come in the future.
- Lo x