Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Little Things in Life.

We've all been asked that question as some point in our lives. The 'What couldn't you live without?' question that has us all brain-bashing extravagant items round and round our heads. GHD's, pots of money, and not forgetting those almost naked photographs of Adam Levine that has us all hopeful that we'll one day secure ourselves a guy who ticks all boxes of perfection such as he. 

And if you're at all interested in the things that complete my life, then here you go :)

'Love it or hate it' - I most definitely love it. A slice of toast, buttered to the point where the butter creates bobbles of soggy bread, and then smothered with marmite. Mmm!

Oversized Jumpers;
I would like to shake the hand of the genius who decided that it was acceptable, in the comfort of your own home of course, to look like a sack of spuds! After a shower I like nothing better than getting into my comfiest, biggest clothes and snuggling up like a crab in a shell.

Caffeine - amen. 

This should have technically been at the top of my list. Music seriously gets me through life, however cliched and dramatic as that sounds. It relates to life, it changes your mood, it just helps with any situation. I probably owe Apple a high five for inventing the iPod - you completed my life. 

Those two hot irons that I also owe so much to. Seriously, they transform my au-natural yeti hair into something a little bit more socially acceptable. 

Probably the one piece of make-up that I might die without (seriously).

So, I have this headache and can't really think of much else at this moment in time. I think I might be dying. So if I'm alive tomorrow, I shall update!

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