Wednesday, 1 June 2011


So, here I am, back in England and back to the mundane routine that I call 'life'.
I can't begin to explain how much I fell in love with Greece. I've never before visited a place where I could easily, and realistically, not boarded that plane home. The chilled way of life, the Vespa scooters whipping over the island, up mountains and along cobbled streets, everything about Elounda, I loved. The history, the crumbling mountains surrounded by these beautiful ocean views . . . I fell in love.

So, the plan now is to now clear my name of typical adolescent debts (Bye, credit cards - sob sob!) and save, save, save, and then take a gap year off from the 'real world' and go to Greece, pick up a bar job, and spend all my free time writing my books, and exploring the parts of the Island I couldn't manager to trek up with flip-flop clad feet!

Here are a few of my favourite spots I visited, and the odd typically posed, whilst trying to look au-natural, tourist photo.
Enjoy! :)

The typically Greek looking house; white walls and blue shutters and doors. I loved it :)
The small Caulsway area with clear water and boat.
The view from my lounger on the beach; mountains surrounding the Island.
The view from the walk along to the mountain.
The cutest little fluffy bundle that is a dog, from a house along by the mountains.
A little house hidden behind plants. I thought it was sweet.
My own little bedroom balcony. Also where the horrific moment when I was semi-naked before realising a group of Greek children were watching, occurred.
Here it is; that tourist picture, perched delicately on a rock as the camera chinked. However, unbeknownst to anyone else, that rock moved when I sat on it so I had to practically perch over it. But hello, you're not a tourist unless you pose a little, right? :)Another little house.
The view out towards the sea, and mountains from a mountain.
Another view :) Look at how beautiful and clear the water is.
The church we found at the top of the first mountain we trekked up. Absolutely stunning architecture, makes you realise how much pride they put into their work.
Back of the church.
Yet another view (Sorry, but they were all breathtakingly lovely!)
The view from mountain number two; overlooking the beach.
The resort we found at the top of a mountain. Well worth the sweat inducing walk up there.
Here it is; the moment my dream, and desire to ride nothing other than a cream Vespa was born.
The view of Spinalonga from a train up into the mountain.
The gates of Spingalona Island; once the lepas came through this gate, they never left. It was quite sad to stand there and feel shut and confined to a small island.
A house on the Spinalonga Island.
The view from the ruins there; another beautiful view that called for a photographic memory.
Another angle; I loved the way the tree was bowed to one side from the wind :)
The water surrounding Spinalonga; it developed in colour and was so clear. Those little black dots are sea urchins.
Here it is; that second tourist photograph. However, this time, my pose is rather natural, and yes, I pride myself on my Grinch expression.
A very Greek looking cart outside a house along in the mountains; too cute and Greek looking to not share.
The elderly man they named the 'Pope' lived here; he died this year, aged 99.
Along the same mountain as the Pope; The set of the programe 'The Island' adapted from the Victoria Hislop was filmed.

Lastly, I'd just like to take a second to say another huge thank-you to my Nan, who took me to a place she has been going to for ten years, and shared with me history, friends and some delicious foods! (Yes, the jeans are much tighter coming home; the result of too much bread!) But not only thank-you for that, thank-you for allowing me to come with you, you've helped inspire not only a book, but a film script, so if I make my millions; I owe you a house in Elounda. x

Thanks for looking at my holiday snaps; Hopefully more to come in the future.
- Lo x

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