Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Help.

I've just watched The Help, and firstly, I'd like to express to whoever is reading this what an amazing film it is. I started reading the book on my Kindle, but put it to the side and forgot about it. But today, I bought the actual book, and decided to get back into it, and the film is absolutely amazing, but so sad, and tragic. 

You know, I have strong views, and when I think back to my ancestors who fought for women to have a voice, I feel a sense of achievement that I have my own voice. Too many women are afraid to stand up for what they believe in, even in the twenty first century. They stay with men who make them feel low, and unattractive. They let their boyfriends, or husbands cheat on them, and then they take them back. Far too many people are scared to take a stand, and tell these people that are no good to keep one foot in front of the other, and walk out of their lives! And sometimes, I feel that my stubbornness is a bad quality. When I think I'm right, I'm determined to show that to people. And when I feel strongly for something, I'm passionate about it to the point of being arrogant. And if somebody I loved was to stand in front of me and admit to infidelity after telling me that he loved me, then I'd tell him to turn around, and walk right out of my life. But now I realise those attributes aren't bad qualities to have. I'm not a doormat, and nor will I be treated like one. And I have my own opinion, and I'm free to express that. And I will do. 

But when I look back at the times, not that long ago, when black and white people were segregated, it makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach. What single minded idiot woke up one day and decided that he was better than a black person? What made that person feel like they had the right to belittle someone of a different ethnicity? Because I would like to go back in time and meet that person, and tell them exactly what I think of their ignorant attitude. 

There is so excuse for racism. I don't give a damn that somebody got shot and their killer was black. Or that someone was mugged, and the attacker was black. There is just as much violence caused by white people as there is black, and their race has not a damn thing to do with their actions. People are equal. Whether they're white, black, chinese, indian, whatever! Aside from their skin, they're born with exactly the same limbs, and organs. We all breathe and same, and eat the same way, and we all shit and piss in the same way. So WHO are YOU to decide that you're better than a person? Just the fact that you're judgemental is enough to showcase that how wrong you are. 

It really sickens me that during the race divide, black people were branded ‘niggas’, and ‘negros’. And that they had to go through separate doors, and use different toilets. That they weren't good enough to socialise with, but were good enough to be left along with their children? It doesn't make sense, and it truly disgusts me that people could be treated so poorly. It makes me so angry that the colour of a person’s skin can affect their whole entire lives. And to any person that is racist, I want you to understand that you're the kinds of people that the world really doesn't need. 

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