Friday, 2 March 2012

Aloha, Holiday!

I've never been the type to say 'I need a holiday!' I don't work exhausting hours, every day of the week, sleep deprived and living on coffee. I think people think they have the right to claim to deserve a holiday just because they live in the real world, and work. Everyone is entitled to get away and have a little sunshine, a few cocktails and some R&R. But to state that you deserve it when you do what the majority of people around you do day in, day out, it what I deem a little selfish.

On that note, however, I am so looking forward to my holiday in May. I am going back to Elounda in Greece with my Nan for two weeks, but this time my mum and auntie are coming, too. I was looking forward to returning to Elounda with my Nan, but there is only so much time you can deprive yourself of an iPhone because of your techo-prude grandparent before going stir crazy (and slightly derranged from withdrawl symptoms). But I'm so excited to be going away with my mum. I've never gone away with just her, its always been family holidays, and after everything that has happened this year, and the end of last, I'm looking forward to spending some time with her, staying up light for our night gossips, and making yet more memories. 


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