Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pity Party, Bring Cake;

Oh, gawd. Here it is, a pity me post.
Honestly, I have been ill for almost two weeks now. It started off as a sore throat, and then progressed to a cough, which them progressed to be sounding like my balls had finally dropped, and a penis had wiped out my vagina genitalia. And after finally speaking without sounding
like some sort of male-esque Brooke Davis, I now have sore lips that would give both Pete Burns and Jodie Marsh a run for their money.

Sometimes I use a lipstick and I have a reaction. The odd thing is, I never know when. Its not that I'm using cheap brands, I can use the same lipstick every single day, and then one day, out of the blue, BAM! I wake up looking like I had a truck load of collagen. And not the good kind. And this time it was my precious red Rimmel lippy that done the catastrophic damage. I am now going to spend the day in bed, under a duvet smothering on heaps of Vaseline, and sipping substances through a store whilst my boyfriend casts me pitying, yet horrified looks in equal measures. Welcome to love, Mr. You know the saying at weddings? For better, for worst? Yep, well that also goes for relationships, and this is truly the bad.

Also call me a freak, but I do kind of like the volume. Maybe I'll invest in some good collagen. Or maybe just a lip plumper.

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