Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I've just spent the weekend down Brighton with my boyfriend, Jack. Oh my god, nothing depresses you more than spending the weekend somewhere you'd love to live, then coming home. I adore Brighton, the pier, the pebbly beach (although sand is much better!). The cute little shops along the pier selling anything except a healthy salad, and then theres the little boutiques scattered round the streets.

Our weekend was lovely. When we first arrived, there was a knock at the door, and champagne was bought to our room, compliments of my boyfriend. I'm sad to say that even at £50, it didn't make champagne any more enjoyable, and we only had a glass each before discarding it. Alongside the champers, he'd ordered me gorgeous flowers, and chocolates. We missed dinner friday night, so ended up having McDonalds as we had cinema tickets booked. We watched We Bought a Zoo which was such a good film. We spent saturday night in the town shopping, before going back to our room to get ready for dinner, which was a chinse on a boat that continously kept rocking (all I kept thinking was that the Titanic sunk!). We then walked into town and tried to win a cupcake plushy that I wanted (and after amost £20, no avail in pixcking up one of those suckers!). We spent the evening having a drink, before going back to our room and warming up after getting soaked!

It was just a lovely weekend, spent with the best boyfriend ever.
:) <3

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