Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bitch, Please.

It's so weird to think that school is such a huge part of our lives. It's the place we spend a good twelve years in, before choosing to dedicate another five years on top, for college or, A Levels, and University. We see the same people for such a huge amount of time that it becomes routine. But isn't it funny that when we all leave school, we don't talk. Sure, we facebook, and we tweet. But we don't face-to-face meet. People we once claimed to be 'friends' are just numbers on our facebook page. 

And talking about facebook, and Twitter, isn't it pathetic when people use it as a means of directing bitchy comments at people? I first had myspace, and I had it to customise a page about me. So that people could go onto it, see my likes, dislikes, my music taste. Facebook was find of the same, but it became more about informing the world that my vagina was yet again tingling over some new band, or song. But now, when I go onto facebook & Twitter, I just see statuses aimed directly, yet cowardly indirectly at other people. And I find myself wondering, who the fuck in hell gave you that right to sit on the pedistool you've placed yourself onto and cast so much judgement onto other people? It baffles me how people waste their time picking apart other peoples lives, but I guess this is what social networking is morphing into; a virtual battlefield. 

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