Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pedistool of Love.

How is it that we allow ourselves to do that? To put a person up there on a pedistool, yet never put ourselves up there? We can allow ourselves to become so consumed by another being, to practically idolise them. We'll trace every single detail of their faces, mould ourselves to their body, do anything we can to please that person, and yet still not feel like we're good enough. Still feel like we don't deserve to be with them in the first place.

And I don't know why we never do so, but we never put ourselves up there. We always pick faults in ourselves. We're too fat, too curvy. Our boobs aren't high enough, or big enough, or they look shit without a bra. And when it comes to our appearences? Our noses are too big, or our mouths too small, and as for our eyebrows? Why can't we get that precision between slugs, and worms right? 

But you know, we will never look perfect in the mornings. We're human. We'll fall asleep in awkward positions, and when we wake up, we will have a bad case of bed hair. We can't fall asleep in make-up just so that we wake up and feel adequate. We'll go to sleep bare faced, and wake up the same way, and until we can accept that thats the way we look, then how can we expect other people too? 
Nobody is better than anbody else, I know that. And by us putting people above ourselves, we're allowing ourselves to feel like we fall short, that we're not good enough. Every person shines in a different way, whether its the infectious laugh they have, or their bright personality, or their intellect. And a person who judges another person on their looks will have a shallow relationship. A person who can see past the way you look in the mornings, and the times when hormones consume you and you're just angry, and can still look at you in the exact same way, still tell you that you're gorgeous, then they're the ones who are worth being a fixture in our lives. Because those people are real, and honest. And all you need is for somebody to look at you in the exact same way each and every time they see you.

That's true love. 

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