Sunday, 4 September 2011

Unworthy Of My Love.

Has that ever happened to anybody else before? When you like someone for absolutely ages. For so long that you can't even remember when a simple crush started and spiraled into something altogether more, something stronger. So strong that they seem to have this pull over you. And here's the catch 22. They already have a girlfriend. And she's pretty, and funny, and nice, she always is. Just so that it makes it harder. And the second you decide to give up on them, and meet someone else, they show an interest. Suddenly tell you all of those things that you wanted to hear them tell you for so long. That they like you, that they can't stop thinking about you, that you're pretty . . .

Well, to every single person whose ever had to go through this, I have this to say to you. You deserve to be a first option, every single time. My brother told me recently to never settle for second best, and I won't ever again, and neither should you.

And to the people who want to have their cake and eat it, I have this to say to you. You have no right. No right to not allow a person happiness with another person. No right to use your words to hold some kind of pull over them. No right to leave them dangling to serve some sadistic part of your personality. And more than that, you owe it to your partner to not be that person, to not crave the attention of another person. If you're not going to make them your everything, then you don't deserve a part of their heart. So don't say anything. 

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