Thursday, 28 July 2011

24 Hour Binge Read.

Nicholas Sparks is the only idol I have in life. I don't know when, but at some point I started to look to him as this significant figure in life, someone who I want to be just like. I admire his talent, his ability to use words that touch people to the core. Some writers will write pages, to build emotion, but he manages to produce such raw, touching emotion with the simplest of sentences. 

So, how is it that I became so ignorant towards him? A Walk to Remember is my favourite film. I can't begin to even count the amount of times I have watched it, but every time I do, I cry like its the first time I'm watching it. The relationship between Landon and Jamie is what love is about. We've seen too many rom-coms where the boy-meets-girl storyline is the same, and the two characters have these perfect lives, and they're beautiful people, and its just so tiresome. Jamie Sullivan's character isn't typical, or stereotypical, she's like this breath of fresh air in the cinematic world. And the fact that she and Landon fall in love is what I believe touches people the most, because that is what love is about. Uniting two people together who are so different, yet together, so much better. You see love isn't about meeting the best looking guy your eyes have ever met, or someone rich who will spoil you rotten. You don't choose love, you choose infatuation. Love is something that's altogether different. You don't choose love, because love will find you, and sometimes its in the most unlikeliest forms, in people who've never even been on our radar, or those we don't even dare to think about in such a way, but that's the beauty of love.

You see, I can gush about A  Walk to Remember, and write about how Nicholas Sparks influences me, yet until last night, I had never even read the book form. It's been sat on my shelf for a few years, and not once have I picked it up. Until yesterday. And I spent the last 24 hours binge reading that book, into the early hours of the morning, not quite believing I'd been so ignorant to a man whose work has changed the way I write myself. And all I have to say, is that Nicholas Sparks has done it again. To anyone else who hasn't read the book, I urge you to do so, because it differs so much from the film. And while the film will forever remain at the top of my ultimate film list, the book form is on my book list, too.

I have spent the last 24 hours binging on convenience food, barely wanting to stop reading. It was a chore to put the book down just to take off my make-up, shower, and get into bed. And even then, I stayed up until every page of that book was read, and there I was in the early hours of the morning, tears streaming down my face as it came to an end. And I wish I'd read this book sooner.

The relationship between Jamie and Landon in the book is a lot different to the movie, but its equally as powerful, and I'm in awe of Nicholas's ability to have such power over the emotions of his reader with his words alone.

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