Monday, 25 July 2011

Dear, Amy;

I think that when somebody under the media spotlight dies, it's immediately brandished a tragedy. But the death of Amy Winehouse is not a tragedy simply because she was famous, or because over the years she has rightfully collected a large fan base, and not even because of her raw, natural ability to have such unique talent. It's a tragedy because underneath that all, she was just twenty seven. And that small, frail twenty seven year old was crying out for help. She just needed somebody positive to come into her life and to help her rid herself of the demons in her life. Amy may have felt as though the rock and roll lifestyle was the one for her, but nobody can want to imagine their life ending at just twenty seven. Her addictions in life weren't because she woke up one day and decided to gamble with life. Her addiction was just that, an addiction. And people can sit here and judge her for that, even blame her for her own death, but its also those people who've probably never hit a bump in their seemingly perfect lives. Who've never made a bad judgement, or choice, and who've never had to live with the consequences.

So, to Amy Winehouse, I'd like to tell her this.
You were inspiring to a lot of people, and not because of the drugs or the alcohol, but because you had an exceptionally talented voice, and your voice will be forever known because people will continue to buy your music, just like they have done all weekend on iTunes.

But most of all, I'd like to say sorry. Sorry that nobody was there for you that day to stop you, or to help you. Sorry that nobody managed to make you feel like you had enough support to turn your life around. And most off all, I'm sorry that your life ended at just twenty seven. Strip away the addictions, and nobody, not anybody, deserves to die at such a young age. And now you're up there, with the music legends that defined history, that changed music, that we still remember to this day, and I'm positive that ten, twenty years down the line, the next generation will remember you, too.


- Lo x


  1. so sad to hear that she passed away

  2. I know :( I loved her voice, its just sad she died the way she did :( xx

  3. absolutely... she was so tortured, but what an amazing voice.

  4. Very well said! She will be one of the ones whose legend lives on forever.
    Sam xx

  5. Thank you so much, hunny. Yeah, without a doubt! xx