Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Best Lifeline.

It sounds melodramatic to some when its said that music saves lives, but to me, its as much a fact as Gods existence is to those that are religious. I wake up and I reach for my iPod before even getting up out of bed. When I sit down to do my make-up, its with my music on. And as I'm blogging this now, my iTunes is open. And when I've showered and am just ready for my bed, I'll listen to my music until I fall asleep. I spend the majority of every single day with my earphones jammed in my ears.

So for those who think nothing of believing in God, or Aliens, or something else people have judged you for, or questioned, music does save lives because music helps you through life. When you're happy, or sad, or in that in-between mood when you're so up and down you're just exhausted, music is there. And there is at least one song, one line, one melody that makes everything okay again.

Music is a lifeline. And it's never not been there for me. And there are millions of other people with the same emotional attachment to the music they play in the world. So if that's not saving lives around the world, well . . . then I don't know what is.

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