Friday, 26 August 2011

Dear, Matt;

It feels so, so surreal that you're not going to be here for two months. I'm happy for you, though, I want you to know that. For so long, you've had dreams, and aspirations, and you're finally living them. But still, it feels so surreal. You've been here every single day of my life, and although we bicker like any two people who share DNA happen to do, you've always been there. If I have a song I think you'll like, I tell you. If I want a chocolate fix, I raid your room. And there are times when I'm sat at the computer and I hear you in my bedroom, looking for a DVD to watch, and its the times like that that you really don't appreciate until they're not going to be there anymore.

This sounds like a goodbye, and I know you're only going to be gone for two months, but I think you're going to really change out there, you're going to find something, I don't know what. Independence maybe. New loves, new passions. But something. And I hope that you do.

I hope you go to Thailand and find yourself. Find the person you want to be, away from home, and from people that were never good enough to be a fixture in your life. And I hope that you fall in love with something again, to feel that desire to make something of your life that I know is inside of you, because I have it in me, too. 

But most of all, I want you to be safe. To enjoy yourself, but to come home in one piece.

And remember that I love you. Always have, and I always will.
- Lo x

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