Monday, 29 August 2011

Dear, World;

There are so many individual people in the world. 
So many different personalities, so many different names, and dress senses, and tastes in music. People can be alike, but everybody is an individual part of the world, a significant figure that helps to populate. But the thing that every single person has is a problem.

Sometimes it's small, like needing to find an outfit for a special date, and finding nothing but endless sales bargaining off the summer stuff that nobody wanted to buy, even three years ago. Sometimes its bigger, like needing to find a place out there to build your career from, but feeling so inadequate.Sometimes we're struggling to make money, or to have enough money, and sometimes we just wake up, and feel like the world that we live in hates us. 

So to every single one of you, I want you to know that you're not alone.
Our problems may not be the same, but we all have them. Maybe everything is going okay for us today, maybe tomorrow we'll be lucky, too, but at some point, we will come across a bump in the road that is life, and we'll question ourselves. Sometimes we'll lose faith, and lack confidence. Sometimes we'll be living with the fear we're going to mess up, and sometimes the odds just stack up against us, no matter what we do, or how hard we try.

But everything will be okay. I need to believe that, you need to believe that, we all do.
You'll survive, and the problem that seems so big at the time, well, after a while it won't seem so huge.
We're young, and we're going to make mistakes. But we're also going to have to learn how to build on failure, to learn from those mistakes, and go to keep our heads held high, and keep on moving.

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