Friday, 22 April 2011

No Longer Needy.

Will there ever be a time when we don't need someone? A time when we don't need to cry on somebody elses shoulder, or to phone a friend and rant and rant and rant to the point of exhaustion when they eventually make us smile and everything then feels better, a weight lifted. Will there be a time when we can bring ourselves back to life? Make ourselves smile, make ourselves get up and realise that life is still moving along around us, so we have no choice but to step outside and do the exact same thing. Will we be able to ever sort our situations out by ourselves without relying on the opinions of close friends and family to aid our quest for seeking closure, justice, approval even?

Will we ever not need someone?

I hope not. Sometimes its nice to unload a problem onto another person and dealing with it together. And sometimes its just as nice to feel needed.

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