Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Ones That Matter.

It takes a drama of sorts for your true friends to step up and support you for you to identify those that matter.
The ones that do will be the ones by your side, whether you're in the right or wrong. If you're in the right, they'll defend you to the ground. And even if you're not, they'll still defend you to the ground because they're your friend, and its
what they do.
It'll take a situation for them to all rally round, irate and pissed off on your behalf and getting themselves involved to show how much they care and
have your back.
Those that linger on the wall, reveling in the drama but never stepping a foot into the garden of defense are those that aren't your friends. They're just fake, pretend friends and you're better off without them because people like that, they're everywhere. Its your true friends that are rare, so cherish each and every one of them.

Those that matter, you know who you are.

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