Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Song Saviour.

The world seemingly revolves around music.

Maybe it wasn't always that way, but it is now. Our generation live for music, whether you live for the musicians that made an impact, that made history, such as Elvis Presley, or Michael Jackson. Whether its the iconic bands you live for, like The Beatles, and Abba. Or maybe you're warped in time, and still obsessing over the 70's and 80's bands as though they're only just being discovered. Or maybe you're more the twenty first century music lover, and you live for the recent artists, downloading every single in the iTunes chart.

Some of us tattoo our favorite lyrics on our skin, etching them in ink permanently. We plaster lyrics that define a time in our life that we couldn't describe any better ourselves, and we paste them across our Twitter and facebook statuses. Sometimes there's that one song that we can't stop listening to, and we keep it on replay until we know it word for word, and then we still keep playing it.

In the words of P. Sawyer, some people in life are music people, others lyrical people. The music people don't care about the lyrics. To them, it's not about what music is saying. It's more about being in that moment, with a good beat, and a good rhythm, and having a good time. The song could be wordless so long as they could dance along and forget everything.

The lyrical people, not so much. They're the ones on Google, looking up the lyrics to their favorite songs, and interpreting the hell out of each line, choosing the one that is most apt for their current situation in life. Some people are nursing broken hearts, or have just split up with their boyfriend and its as though the world hates them. The world doesn't hate them, but in that moment, they just need something to give them understanding, and hope. And what better than music?

In One Tree Hill, Peyton made a Songs to Save a Life playlist on her iPod for her daughter, so she could one day hear all of the music that she loved growing up. I have a similar folder, but its more about the music that most changed my life. The songs that I couldn't stop playing or months at a time. Songs that make me smile the most, or I listen to when I'm down. And some songs are just great songs that I love simply because they helped me through times when I was a bag of teenage hormones and felt as though the world was against me. So emo, but we've all been there.

So, for anyone still reading this blog..kudos for dedication, or sheer boredom, but hopefully not the latter. Here is a list of my favorite songs from that playlist, that I'd like to share with you. So download and enjoy! :-)

1. I'm Coming Out; Amerie - I love this song. I used to want it played at my funeral until I realised that it might be about someone coming out as being gay, and the thought that my parting message to the world might one day be, 'I'm Lo, and I liked the vag' wasn't quite the impact I hope for!

2. Three Little Birds; Bob Marley - The perfect song to listen to in whatever mood you're in. It just makes you smile.3. If I Die Young; The Band Perry - The song I do actually want at my funeral. It's so beautiful, and reminds me of something from an episode of some exaggerated, American teen show that I love oh so much!

4. You Make Me Feel Like a Star; The Beau Sisters - It's just one of those embarrassingly cringe worthy songs we girls love!

5. Irreplaceable; Beyond - Possibly the most empowering song for getting over ANY guy! This is my breakup song to realise that yet another guy was a loser.

6. Just Stand Up; Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Natasha Bedingfield, Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Carrie Underwood, Keyshia Cole, LeAnn Rimes, Ashanti, Ciara & Mariah Carey - A song packed with female talent! It was written to promote people standing up to Cancer, and basically fighting to survive. So the meaning behind it probably makes it that more special.

7. God & Satan; Biffy Clyro - Just because its amazing.

8. Change; Carrie Underwood - Her voice is stunning, and so is this song :)9. Champion; Chipmunk ft. Chris Brown - I couldn't stop playing this song, which is mainly why it made it into this folder.

10. With You; Chris Brown - For similar reasons. I just still love this.

11. I Never Told You; Colbie Caillat - My favorite song from one of my favorite artists.

12. Over You; Daughtry - If anyone ever dated a complete arsehole, then listen to the lyrics and they'll make you 10x stronger, haha!

13. Find Your Love; Drake - I'm a Drake newbie, but this song is still my highest played song on my iPod.

14. Son of a Preacher; Dusty Springfield - How could this not be on here? I remember hearing it on 'Stars in their Eyes' when I was younger, and loved it ever since.

15. I Just Love You; Five for Fighting - Just because I love it.

16. You Found Me; The Fray - When I first got The Frays albums, this was the song I played over and over again.

17. To Make You Feel my Love; Garth Brooks - As amazing as Adele's version is, I'm team Brooks on this one.

18. Faith; George Michael - How can anyone listen to this and not want to dance?!

19. Sympathy; The Goo Goo Dolls - I first heard this on A Cinderella Story and I embarrassingly watched that film way too much at the time. Its my favorite GGD song. :)

20. Maybe; Ingrid Michaelson - Another top play on my iPod. Anyone whose never heard an Ingrid Michaelson song needs to download her asap!

21. Murder Reigns; Ja Rule - One of my most shameful confessions, but I remember hearing this years ago when I was on holiday in Lanzarote. It become one of those songs that reminds you of a family holiday.

22. Just A Little While; Janet Jackson - I loved this song when I was growing up, until I grew up and realised that it was about a woman touching herself..then I loved it more.

23. Three Days of Rain; Jason Liberatore - My favourite song, ever. Whatever my mood, I put this on and smile as I sing, tunelessly, along.

24. Let Me Go; Jason Michael Carroll - This man has such a deep voice, but its one of the summer songs I love.

25. Who You Are; Jessie J - Reinforces how talented as a singer, and writer Jessie J is. Amazing.

26. Waiting on the World to Change; John Mayer - Legendary.

27. It's Only Life; Kate Voegele - My favorite song of hers, another top hit on mon iPod.

28. Stupid Boy; Keith Urban - I used to listen to this and think how you'd lose me one day and regret it, and you did, and still do. Ha.

29. Don't Let me Stop You; Kelly Clarkson - An empowering song for when you're in a defiant mood!

30. Sex on Fire; Kings of Leon - Pretty self-explanatory. (No, I never had chlamydia!)

31. Live Like You're Dying; Kris Allen - Another feel good hit.

32. Happy; Leona Lewis - Her best song.

33. Storm; Lifehouse - A song you just want to lay back and listen to.

34. Someday We'll Know; Mandy Moore - This is from A Walk to Remember, my favourite film. I love it.

35. She Will Be Loved; Maroon 5 - Another entry for the list of favorite ever songs. It also reminds me of my best friend, Kimberley.

36. Man in the Mirror; Michael Jackson - How could he not be on her at least once? One of his best songs.

37. The Climb; Miley Cyrus - She's as annoying as AIDS but I can't help but love this song! Haha! I'm ashamed as I write this!

38. The Saltwater Room; Owl City - I couldn't stop playing this when I first heard it. Adam Young, you're amazing.

39. Playing God; Paramore - A perfect song to quote back to those who are quick to judge.

40. If You Believe; Rachel Lampa - Just because its beautiful.

41. Your Guardian Angel; The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Just one of those ones I love.

42. I Think About you Every Day; A Rocket to the Moon - :)43. King of Anything; Sara Bareilles - I'd sometimes like to quote this to some people.

44. I Need You - Saving Abel - I just played it again and again.

45. The Man Who Can't be Moved; The Script - Another top played tune!

46. The First Cut is the Deepest; Sheryl Crow - The only one of her songs that I particularly like.

47. Crack the Shutters; Snow Patrol - Easily another favorite. I could listen to this every day and never stop loving it.

48. Our Song; Taylor Swift - Reminds me of when I first imported her album from America and loved her ages before she came into the charts.

49. Thug Story; Taylor Swift ft. T-Pain - Because I can sing this word for word, like a thug.

50. Unpretty; TLC - Should be played to any girl during PMS!

51. American Girl; Tom Petty - One of those movie songs you tap your foot to whenever you hear it!

52. Billionaire; Travis McCoy - This song will never bore me. Travis McCoy, you STUD.

53. Hope; Twist ft. Faith Evans - Another favorite from another one of my favorite films, Coach Carter.I cry every time this is played at the end after they lose the state championship. Sobbb!

54. I Will Always Love You; Whitney Houston - Because this was played at my Grandads funereal and for a long time, every time it came on it would be switched off immediately, or people would cry. But now, we listen to it and smile.

55. Leave the Pieces; The Wreckers - Just because its apt for a depressing mood!

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