Sunday, 3 April 2011

Unfaithful Faith.

I find it really hard to understand why people can believe in God when such shitty things are happening in the world that surrounds us.
It must be reassuring to have so much faith in a person, and to feel like he's always there for you. But I can't help but feel that if he's this wonderful man that we're supposed to worship and please, then why is it that he can't look after the world?
The world is littered with pedophiles, and murderers and people that inflict horrific offenses on the world and those living in it, and they damage lives. They leave people scarred for the rest of their lives. If God existed, why is it that he can't keep these bad people at bay? Why does it al
ways seem that the bad people in life will always live without sufferance. Without paying some kind of penance for the horrible crimes they commit.

It seems to me that those who suffer, who are punished, are those most deserving of good karma. It's so unfair when you hear yet another story on how a mother living off of benefits has conceived yet another child, when the most caring, loving, and hard working woman can't manage to fall pregnant. How is it fair that children get sick, and sometimes there's no cure? And that's it, their life in this world is over, cut so tragically short before they even had a chance to make a mark.
We're talking about the man that managed to create the world we live in. If he could do such a tremendous, huge task, then surely he could make the world a good place to live in. To take away racism, and crime, and to let people live in a world where they can feel safe.

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