Friday, 20 May 2011

The Cliche of a Fairytale; The Ending.

Happily ever after.

That's what we all want, right? We all want that prince charming, the one to stand out from the crowd of weeds we've dated, and to fight for us. We want that big diamond ring, and the fairytale wedding surrounded by a sea of people.

But why is the ending to important? Why is that all we focu
s on in life? The ending?

Life's too short as it is, so why do we feel this compelling need to search for the right guy so early on in our lives? Sure, it would be nice to date someone who gave back as much as they took, someone not scared of commitment, who can stay faithful
. But it's also those moments where we learn the most. We learn pain so we can identify it, and swear to ourselves we'd never let another person let us feel that. We cry because we're human, and because nothing in life is ever perfect. People let us down so that we develop trust, and before long, we differentiate those we can and cannot trust. We fall in love and learn what it's like to have a connection with another person. And then we fall in love again, and again, so that we learn no two people are the same. We stop comparing, and we start accepting.

You see, the end, that's exactly that; the end.
It's the parts before the end that we should focus on because it's those moments that truly define us.

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