Monday, 23 May 2011

Love is Love. That's All.

I know infidelity is somewhat this taboo subject in as much as it's wrong; the end.
We're not supposed to promote, nor support it. If you break apart a marriage, a family, it's the mistress, the third party that is labelled the home wrecker and who then has to endure all this hatred from people. But has anybody ever put themselves into her shoes? Ever wondered how she feels? It's so easy to hate that person who tore somebody from their relationship, but what if what she felt was real. Any by real, I'm not defining just an attraction. I'm talking that butterflies in the stomach, can't eat or sleep, thinking about them literally every second of every day kind of love. The type where they don't know when, or how, but just know at some point they fell in love, and whether they planned to or not is beside the point, because it's done. They're head over heels in love, and he is all she wants. And he could reciprocate every single emotion, but he's already someone elses. But can you really blame her for wanting any part of him she could get? Hours locked away in a hotel, secret phone calls and texts and weekends away may be the best she gets, she all that time she's with him, so it really doesn't matter. What if, although he's married, he's never felt this magnitude of strong feelings before. What if, when he married, he somehow settled, and this girl that has come into his life is the love of his life.

Can you really blame somebody for falling in love, whether or not hes available?
I don't think you choose to fall in love, I think that somehow, love finds you.
So then it all boils down to fate, so can you blame fate?

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