Monday, 9 May 2011

Tour of Europe

When I think of traveling, I automatically think of all these luscious, exotic places to go. I'd sun myself on the beaches of California, and swim in a sea of turtles in Thailand, and then hold a Koala bear in Australia. But we always forget the places nearest to us in Europe.

Personally, I blame my hometown. When you grow up in a place that you grow to despise so much, when you think of traveling, you think of places to far away from England, they're halfway across the world. But I've been thinking lately, and they're the places I want to see.

I want to go to France and experience the culture and fashion. I want to stand underneath the Eiffel Tower, and this time appreciate what millions of tourists flock to see each year. I want to try frogs legs just to say I did so, and then spend the day heaving at the though of it.

I want to go to Italy ad pile on the pounds stuffing my face with delicious pizza. I want to visit the
Cinque terre villages because they look beautiful on the cliff side. I want to visit the Uffizi Gallery and appreciate the art inside. I want to see the Colosseum up close, and then I want to go along the Blue Grotto and witness the neon blue water firsthand.

I want to go to Amsterdam and visit the home of Anne Frank. I want to go to the flea markets and rummage. And then I want to go to the Red Light District and unleash my immature side as I giggle at the smutty sex shops.

I want to go to Scotland and just breath in the fresh air. I want to walk round and just take in the views and enjoy the scenery. I want to sit inside a small cottage whilst the rain pelts down from outside.

I want to go to Ireland and spend my time hauled up in small pubs, listening to live music. I want to go to Dublin Zoo and see the animals. I want to hear the cheeky accents and smile. Maybe even run into Jedward and give them a high five.

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