Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tragedy of a Double Standard Society

Every day we open our papers and splashed across the tabloids are supposed celebrities, worshiped because we follow their every steps via reality TV. We hear stories about how a big shot footballer has cheated on his wife with a prostitute. We hear how he slept with the nanny. We hear about how she was the mistress of some multi-millionaire.
I opened the Sun today, and I read about how those ludicrously evil child killers, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables's identities have been leaked onto the net, giving millions access to their appearances years after their sickening crime almost eleven years ago. And do you know what sickens me the most? The fact that there is someone out there, someone with the power to bring these sick, twisted boys to face the public hatred they deserve, yet still grants them with a protection order, meaning they're giving entirely new lives.
Some may argue this is wrong, some may say they were young and deserved a second chance. But then I read that Jon Venables is back in prison due to child porn offenses, and I find myself wanting to scream at the person protecting their identities, why? You gave them a second chance, whether that was right or wrong, and they abused the privilege that was undeserving in the first place, to have a new life after committing such a cold, brutal murder without any remorse to young James Bolger.
And now there's uproar because their identities have been leaked onto the net, giving millions of people access to their current photographs, eleven years after their vile faces first hit our newspapers. And gagging orders are thrown out at tabloids to prevent them from printing the supposed images that were life-long banned from ever being shared with the public. And again, I ask why? These are two boys that took, without guilt, a young boys life, a boy who was meant to have a long future ahead of him. And then they prove that they've learned nothing, and haven't even grown remorseful of their actions, yet continue to cause more prison-able offences. And I'm telling you, that those two sickening boys lost the right for protection the day they took a life.
And the whole world should see exactly what they look like, because they're a danger to our society.

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