Monday, 16 May 2011

The Life of a Recovering Bum.

I felt the need to blog to make my day feel productive, so here it is.
Alas, I am, as of tomorrow when I decide to finish my final University essay, am no longer being confined to Education - hurrah! I am free to get a solid 9 to 5 job - no more late nights in retail! - and get myself a life after spending seventeen years educating mysel

So, what do you do with yourself when your routine for the past three years ends?
I spend my day reading, listening to music, and spending another small fortune online, A
SOS, my haven.

At the moment I can't put down Water for Elephants. That book is phenomenal, and I understand fully why it spend a year at #1 in the New York Times bestsellers list. Truly amazing and inspiring. I may even have to go see the film if not only to perve over R.Patz without that scrotum faced Kristen Stewart beside him.

At the moment I can't stop playing Michelle Branch - I want Tears. One of her best songs, by far. Have a listen!

And the majority of my free time is spent repacking my suitcase for Greece, each time seeming to add more clothing than taking out, but I've not been abroad in what feels like forever, and while it's more of a researching holiday, it's going to be lovely spending a week with my Nan, learning about what is essentially her second home, and meeting all those people she's talked about for ten years. And I need some sunshine, and some time away from England to put a smile back on my choppers!

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