Thursday, 19 May 2011

Our Elders.

Do you ever look at old people and wonder? Wonder what their past life held for them? Wonder at which moment in their lives they fell in love for the first time. Wondered what tragedies happened. Wondered, in their youth, the career paths they took. Were they in the army, being sent out into the war to witness first hand the devastation that it had on the world? Were they in the music industry when history was being made? Were they part of some elaborate, glamorous, and equally dangerous, circus? Were they taming lions and tigers, and elephants?

You see, there's this barrier between the younger, and older
generation. They moan, we moan. They don't like our music, or the fact we play it loud. They don't like our clothes, or the way we style our hair, and pierce parts of our bodies. And in turn, to us, they're just these grumpy old people who know nothing.

But they're wrong, we're wrong. They don't get that sometime
s, we play our music so loud because we just want to drown out the world around us. Our clothes, our fashion, we're just trying to make an identity for ourselves. And we pierce and tattoo our skin because we're rebelling. Not from our parents, but from life. We're making a stand that this is who we are, what we want to do. So just accept us. And we're wrong. More than anything we're so wrong, because they're not just these grumpy old people, who don't get us. Yeah, they grumble and they moan, but they've also been alive a lot longer than us, see so many more things. They were there, at the events that we learn about in school, or read in books. Those moments that changed the world forever, they were a part of our history.

So instead of there being this us against them, we should unite and learn from one another. Before it's too late. Before they're gone, and they can't tell us firs
thand what it was like being there when the war was surrounding them, or what it was like to train a elephant, or even how they shok the hand of Johnny Cash. You don't know just how great their life could have been.

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