Saturday, 19 February 2011

Before I Die.

Before I die. That sounds so final, as though we're all living life by an hour glass, which ironically, I guess we are.
But when you think about how big the world is, how many oppurtunities are
out there, how many people you've not met yet, but could be the ones to change your life . . . life seems precious.

And it made me think of all the things I want to do before I die. All of the flippant comments you make, such as, 'I want to live in LA.' Or, 'I want to visit Japan.' Or, 'I really want to learn dutch.'

Do you really mean everything you say you w
ant to do?
What if you had to make a list,
and write everything on it.
What would matter the

My list would be;

1; Get an agent
2; Get a book deal
3; Buy my mum a Marc Jaco
bs bag
4; Write a string of
bestselling books

5; To own a pair of LouBoutin shoes
6; To live in
New York
7; To have fans (Which aren't blood related)
8; To travel the world; Thailand, Hawaii, California, New Zealand,
Australia, Canada, Singapore,

9; To learn to drive
10; To not crash, and die
11; To drive a VW Campervan

12; Learn to surf in Cali
13; To have my own flat
14; To get tattooed

15; To have veneers
16; And collagen
17; Then a nose job.
18; To buy my first Cafe

19; To see Ingrid Michaelson live
20; To have a career in script writing
21; To see my first script being made into a film
22; To fall in love

23; To be engaged (Hopefully with the £6,000 Tiffany ring i've dreamt about for years)
24; To have a beach wedding in the Seychelles
25; To have 3 kids


  1. I watched the film The Bucket List a few weeks ago and I'm currently drafting my list of things I want to do in my life. Agree with the Louboutin one!x

  2. My mum and I watched The Bucket List together, and both of us were reaching for the tissues! Such a sad, yet nice storyline. :) Oh god, LouBoutins are my life goal!! xx

  3. hey marie (: thanks for following my blog. If you'd ever come to Singapore, you can tell me and I can bring you around or something (:

  4. You're welcome, sweetie :) i'm enjoying reading it. Aww, thank you! I will do, and likewise for if you ever decide to hit up London :) xx