Sunday, 20 February 2011


For years my Nan has gone to Greece for holidays.
At least twice a year, she ventures back to the clear water, the cute blue and white buildings, with the cobbled streets. To the same Greek people she's befriended over the years.
And this year, i'm going with h

In May, I will be cramming my suitcase packed full of cute shorts
and havianas, and be jetting off to Greece for a week.
And i'm so excisted.

Not because it's my graduation present, a celebration of seventeen years of long, painful education. Not because it's the start of my first steps into the real world. But becase i'll be spending a lovely week with my nan, and meeting all of the people i've listened to her speak about for years.

I'm going to use my week to visit all the haunts she's talked about, to wake up and go to cafes for coffee, and then go sit by the sea and sip my toes in the clear water, and to meet all those people, as well as spending quality time with my nan.

Then i'm going to come home and turn it into a book, which i'm going to dedicate to her.

I can't wait. :)

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