Sunday, 20 February 2011


The best friend came home from University this weekend, which meant we hooked up with our other school friend and went for chinese. After leaving the house at nine, we were still waiting for a table at ten, and it wasn't until ten thirty that we were tucking into the absolutely delicious Twin chinese in Dartford. (Seriously, BEST chinese ever!) Which meant until midnight, we were tucking into the fatteningly unhealthy dishes of sweet and sour chicken, crispy chilli beef, duck pancake rolls, and to acompany it, ice cream. Which also means, my jeans were a little tighter than they were Saturday morning after jumping on the scales to see i'd lost a whole seven pounds.

As of tomorrow, my strict healthy eating shall commence, and i'm stepping exercising up to the max, in a bid to whip my body into satisfactory beach bod in time for summer.

Hotpants;Cute dresses;Flip-Flops;Bright nails;Cute accessories.
Summer 2011.

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