Sunday, 20 February 2011

Superficial Love.

I've never been the needy girl. I've never let myself be defined by a man.
I don't respect the type of girl that needs to be with someone.
The girls that cling onto relationships, whether they're working, or failing. Our of fear that she might be left alone. And then, when she is, she's already looking for the next victim.

Our ancestory history fought for us to be independant. To ha
ve a voice that matters.
Yet woman throw that all away, still desperate to let men define us.
And it's weakness. Because you're never stronge
r than when you're alone.

So, he can hurt you. He can break your heart and make you feel worthless.
No other man that you run to is going to fix that until you realise, it's the same heart.
It may be painful, but it's still beating the same way it was before he hurt you.

Be by yourself. Mend yourself. Smile again.
And then if someone comes along, you'll know it's for the right reasons.
Not just because you're running from fear, and pain, and running to comfort.
But because you've realised you deserve better than the guy who gave up on you.

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