Monday, 21 February 2011

Dear, You.

I have this anger inside of me, and it's all because of you.
I don't think you get that you break me.
It's like you're two different people. The person I want you to be, an
d the person you really are.
And i'm scared that the person I want you to be is only in my head.
And that who you really are is the person I hate.
And i'm angry at you because of that. Because you should be him.
You should be the one to wipe away my tears, and just hug me.
You should be the one to tell me you love me, and really mean it.
You should be proud of me all of the time, knowing i'm talented.
Knowing with faith that i'm going to make it, and i'm going to b
e known.
You shouldn't want to talk to other women, because they're not her.
And most of all i'm angry because you make me feel like we're not good enough.

And i'm angry becaus
e I know this will never change.
And you'll never know this, because
i'll never tell you.
Because i'm scared that you'll just pack your bag and leave.
And you wouldn't think twice before walking away.

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