Monday, 28 February 2011

FYI Men; Read and LEARN.

Do you know what absolutely pisses me off about the male species, and I quote 'species' because 99.9% of the time they're unhuman, like a rare, animalistic breed that somehow tend to look human, but fail to act anything near to.

Why do men think that it's their god given right to be so inexcusably crude about females on a whole. Like because they have a penis, it's a gift that runs in their blood and pathetic DNA that allows them the divine priviledge to degrade women in such a tasteless, vile way.

'Nice rack!' '
Crackin' arse, darlin'!'

'Oi, love! Get ya tits out!'

I can't explain the extent to which my blood boils how those men think that its perfectly acce
ptable to view women as some kind of meat that they can pick apart with their beady eyes.

Yes, we have a bust. And yes, some of us were gifted with satisfactory, pert bums. And if we want to show off what we were born with, then we have every right to do so without you the male species using this as a time to take complete adva
ntage, regarding us as some kind of feast put in front of them to enjoy.

So we have two breasts. We have bums. We also hav
e two legs, two arms, and a face - just like you men. So, instead of judging us on what flesh you can wrap your perverted little eyes around, how about you open your mouths and say 'Hello.'

It's hardly rocket scie
nce, now.

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