Thursday, 24 February 2011

Romance is Dead.

I think that i've well and truly lost faith in the entire male species. They're all the same; they play mind games.
It's not just enough for them to know that a girl likes them. They have to proceed to lead them on, dangling them on a rope as if they're some kind of fish, toying between the idea of keeping them, or throwing them back into the murky depths of water.
And an FYI to all men out there; it's getting boring.

Where is romance?
Shakespere, Lord Byron, Romeo . . . where are the men like this? Men that express their infatuation, their lust, their love for women though their art, their work, their words. To make a woman feel wanted, and adored.

All I want it to meet someone that deserves all of my kindness, and passion.
Someone that won't use my traits to manipulate and take advantage.
It's probably too much to ask that he remains faithful, after all this is the twenty first century and the nearest to faithful we get is a relationship status update on facebook.

I want that big romance. I want the butterflies, and the huge smiles, and all of the other tidal wave of feelings.
I want him to occupy my mind all day long, making me giddy with excitement, and shy with nerves.
I want to spend hours kissing him, then look in the mirror and find our mouths are swollen.
I want to lay beside him and listen to him breathe as he plays with my hair.
I want to trust him without any ounce of doubt, knowing that even if the prettiest girl he'd ever see
n just spoke to him, he wouldn't care, because he already has me. And that's enough.

It's a shame he doesn't exist.

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