Monday, 21 February 2011

Dear Nicholas;

If I ever had the priviledge to meet you, then I would take that oppurtunity to tell you how much you've inspired my life. Your words, your scripts, and most importantly, your films. They've touched me in a way I can't quite put into words, but know that they've inspired a huge part of my own writing.

You get the balance between love, pain, passion, so perfect. The Last Song inspired my own film script, Spirit, and I hope that one day, somehow, I get to share that script with you.

I hope to take my writing and my talent, and turn it into a career similar to yours. You're an inspiration, and a role model, and if I have anywhere near to the same sucess that you have, t
hen I'll know i've made it.

I hope that one day i'll fit into the same world that you're in now.
One where my work is considered important enough for film adaptations.
A world where I have a string of sucession to earn me that place there.

But until then, i'll continue to buy your books, and read every word, as I push myself harder to succeed.

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