Friday, 18 February 2011

The One;

I want the one to electrify my life;
I want him to be an optimist;
I want him to play with my hair, and tickle my arms;
I want him to tell me I look pretty, and mean it;
I want him to always want to kiss me;
Delicate, soft, passionate kisses;
Have strong arms that pul
l me towards him;
Patient, always willing to listen to my ideas;
To have a back bone;
If i'm being a brat, he needs to put me in my place;
He needs to argue back;
Never always let me have my own way;
If he diagrees, then voice tha
I want to fight;
And then spend hours making up;
I want to brush noses like eskimos;
Spend afternoons together in bed, doing nothing;
To talk about the future;
To make plans we may, or may not keep;
To dream;
To text me when he wakes up;
And before he goes to sleep;
Take me for coffee;
Make pancakes with me;
Rub flour over my face;
Then pull me in for a k
To miss me the moment I leave;
To spend days just watching films;
Then spend hours analysing them;
To want to share his interests;
And be as interested in mine;
Superficial enough to appreciate my expensive taste;
Someone who isn't vein;
And would kiss me in the rain;
Not caring how he looks;
Or who is watchingl;
Someone fun;
Who can make jokes about themself;
And pull stupid faces;
To laugh when I say something dumb;
To be jealous;
Just enough to show he won't lose me;
That he'll fight;
To share mu
To lay in parks;
Doing nothing;
To reassure me;
That's he's really not like all th
ose other guys;
That he means every word he says;
That he's not going anywhere;
To love me;
Like no one has loved me before;
To make me crave him;
To turn me o
To make me dream of him against me;
To make me want him;
To hold me close;
As we sleep, hold me closer;
Kiss my neck;
When he wakes;
To kiss my la
zy smile;
To ask;
What are we doing today?;
To surprise me;
To be sponteanous;
To share things with me;
To add colour to life;
To turn my world upside down;
And above all;
Love me;
Like it's the first time;
He's said those words;
I love you;

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