Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Dear Tinie,

Such a beautiful man.
He took home not one, but TWO Brit awards this year, well and truly doing it for Britain.
People look up to celebrities like David Beckham because he kicks a football, or Katie Price because she takes her clothes off. (Granted, she looks beautiful doing so.) But Tinie
Tempah is someone to aspire to. His music is listened to by so many different generations, from teenagers still at school, to young adults who blast his music from their car stereo, to people like my dad, who taps his slipper clad foot to the beat.
He gives hope to every person living somewhere they hate, where knife and gun crimes are rife, where a group of kids hang on every street corner, taunting anyone who dares pass them. To anyone who has a belief in themself, and is willing to work every inch of skin and bone to the ground to ensure that their goal, their dream, becomes a reality. Someone who believes in what they do.

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