Monday, 14 March 2011

The 10 Things I Learnt This Weekend.

1. I learnt that Mother Nature isn't fair. Underneath the prettiness of flowers, and the delicious rays of early Spring that we were teased with Saturday morning, she's cruel. The tsunami in Japan was devestating, and to think that's just the beginning. That flood wiped out homes, lives, and history in the matter of seconds. And those fortunate to survive that ordeal now have to live with the fact their homes, their families, everything is gone. We know nothing about the types of people this tsunami affected. They could be good people, some may have done the odd bad thing, and some may just be downright evil. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter, because regardless of who they were, Mother Nature took their lives, and ruined them in under an hour. Everything they worked for is gone, and it's not fair. To all those affected, or killed during that tsunami, my heart and hope go out to you.
2. That spending your weekend in retail, dressed head to toe in cheap, nylon uniforms, and serving Britain's Most Obnoxous, will never reach the 'Best Weekends' top ten list.
3. That we women on a whole suffer due to periods. My moods have been up and down like i'm slumped on some kind of disfunctional see-saw. And no amounts of chocolate has helped my mood, nor my diet.
4. That Adele's album, 21, should be a must-have on every living iPod. Her talent and voice are astounding, i'm well and truly aboard the Adele fan club
5. Buying Tampons will always live up to that humiliating moment you fear, when the checkout guy scans them, an awkward silence falls, and you go redder than your brightly dyed hair. Not a fun moment.
6. Spending almost £26 on over-priced sweets at Sweet Heav
en won't help our bank-balance, but they will make you feel good whilst watching films :)
7. I think, maybe, I put you on a pedistool, and realising that crushes me slightly.
8. The Reader is another notch on the favourite films list.
9. That as much as I tell myself i'm over you, I got over you ages ago, somewhere inside, a small fraction of my heart is holding a rebellion of its own. Every now and then we share a moment when neither of us is sarcastic, or rude, and in that moment, I want you again.
10. That tacos are always a winner.

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