Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dear, Mum;

If somebody told me to sit here and list everything that I love about you, they couldn't supply enough paper, and I couldn't find enough words.
When people speak of a best friend, they instantly define that person as someone we grew up with, or a friend we met at work. Maybe it's somebody they've not met yet. But I know who my best friend is, and that's you, Mum. Who else could hold me when I cry, and instantly make me feel better. To listen to my angry rants, and not say a word. And still listen when I come to you, hours later, defeated as I fall into stuborn, and sad tears. And yet you wipe each tear away without anything other than l

And you're unique, Mum. I don't know of many other people that speak of the relationship they have with their own Mum that is even remotely similar, or
special as the bond we have. I know without doubt that you're the first person I can come to whenever I want to gossip, or just laugh at something that happened. You're the first person I tell when I meet a potential guy, and although I hate the way you sit in silence and don't enthuse about the situation in the same gushing way as I do, I realise you're doing the most important thing you could do. You're sitting, and you're listening.

I hope that I have the same relationship with my daughter(s) in the future, because i've grown up with constant support, and love, and I can't begin to explain to you how much that has meant. To know that whatever situation I get myself into, you'll never judge me. You'll listen, and if i'm being a bitch, which most of the time I am, let's be honest - PMT never does much good to me, you'll tell me. If i'm in the wrong, you're not scared to say so. And I love that about you, Mum.

And right now i'm sat, looking out the back door, and up
at the moon and thinking of you. How it's the smallest moments in life that you live for. And it's those moments I will forever remember, because they're the ones I shared with you.

I don't know how many times i've told you this, i'm not sure if there's a number big enough, or how many times in the future that i'll continue to say so, but I love you. You're without a doubt the most important, and biggest part of my life, and to me, you're the world.

- Lo x


  1. So lovely this text.
    Congratulations for your blog


  2. Thank you for taking the time to read it :) xx