Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Decent Ones.

Where are they?
This world is populated with billions of people, all different. Unique in their own, individual ways. So how it is that I've yet to find one that is worth my time? Worth my kindness, and passion. And more importantly, one that is worth my heart.
I don't want to go through the pain that comes from broken relationships anymore. I don't want to fall for the wrong guy, again, and to feel nothing but pain as he moves on to another girl who is seemingly perfect for him. To make me feel like I fell short. That I wasn't quite perfect enough for him.
The majority of the guys that flirt with me, and express any interest, are those that already have girlfriends. And that's even worse than being in a failing relationship because those men are sending out the message that I'm not quite good enough to be with, however, i'll do for a cheeky flirt behind their partners back.
And I'm so tired of it. I deserve to find someone whose focus is me, and me only. I don't want to be somebodys bit on the side when they get tired of their girlfriends, but then go running back into her arms, and it's all public displays of, 'I love you so much, babe!' And, 'You're so perfect!' And I'm left feeling foolish for ever believing the lies they fed me, realeasing that the were never going to leave their girlfriend. They just wanted the best of both worlds.

Where are the decent men? The ones that find that one girl from a sea of millions that surround them, and stay faithful to her. To make just her, and her alone feel special. To not feel the need to flirt elsewhere, because he has this amazing girl, and she's enough.

Where are the men that are different to all the shit bags we've dated before?
Different from all the lying, cheating and dishonest guys caught up in dead-end relationships that they're unwilling to get out of?
Where is that man that will make me trust that good men are out there, somewhere?
Because I refuse to believe that the entire male species are a bunch of shitfucks.

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