Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Generations Swings in Roundabouts

Forty, or fifty years ago when our parents were in their prime, it was nothing other than normal for them to meet a husband, get married, and then start a family. Women were content at being stay at home mums, raising their children while their spouses went to work.
But times begun to evolve, and like Cave Men suddenly discovering a
hairbrush and a shaver, he following generations of females begun to discover life. The idea that they could be more than just a housewife. Contribute to the working world, and juggle both a career and motherhood. Women were hitting their extremely late twenties, if not thirties and forties before they baked that particular bun in the over.
And I can't help but stop and realise that times are seeming to revert backwards. That the generations i'm growing up with aren't taking inspiration from the fact woman are deserv
ing of a career, and instead, the ages to which they're having children is lowering. Perhaps even to ages lower than our parents concieved.
No longer do they seem to want to go out into the world, and put their mark out there. To be seen as a powerful, and successful. To earn a good salary, and to be a somebody.
They want to find the one until they're pregnant, and then they want to abandon a career, and settle down. The ages to which I see the girls that push those prams that surround me and
getting scarily lower each time. And I can't understand how they aspire to live motherhood when they've only hit puberty five or six years prior.

If you're even remotely interested in my opinion, then the idea of having a baby whilst at an age that is under thirty, is horrific to me. The thought that, at a time like now, when I live at home, and my life is divided between University, and retail, striving for my degree so I can start getting a decent wage packet that allows me the luxury or shopping in TopShop without maxing out my faithful yet abused credi
t card, and adding a baby to all of that, it makes me shudder.
Don't get me wrong, I know that i've not exactly expanded my maternal gene beyond recoiling at the sight of a crusty noses baby, gurgling though hiccups of white vomit, but I do want children. I want three, if not four, and one day, they will be all that i'll want from life. Everything I work towards will benefit them. But I don't want that now. I've still got two months before I graduate University. I want to w
ork, and to save. I want to clear my twenty year old self from debt, then take off and see the beauty that is the world. I want to meet new people, and build on the memories of old friends. I want to live.
I don't want to jump straight from University, into being a mum. I want a career. I want to earn extremely good money, and I want to buy those beautiful LouBoutins that I salivate over just picturing them on my foot.

I just hope that all of these girls reali
se that there is so much to the world that they've yet to see before they have the commitment that is a child for the rest of their lives. It seemd like just yesterday we were sucking baby pops, like carefree teenagers, and now the majority of them are responsible for another life.

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