Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dear, Miley;

I think that sometimes, people judge you too harsly. They still see the young, teenage girl you were when you first hit out screens with Hannah Montanna. They forget that with each year, you grow older and one more step away from that phase in life.
And the parents of those children that still idolise Hannah
Montanna should realise that their kids too are growing up. And if they think for one moment that you're the reason that they're suddenly dressing more provocative, and acting differently, they shouldn't be so quick to point the finger because you're simply a role model, and they're acting like that not because you're forcing them to, but because that's life. And because they're growing up, too. And I think that's what is hardest for those parents to accept.

But you're beautiful. You have an amazing figure, and if yo
u want to flaunt it, you have every god given right to do so. Each year we grow one step into getting older, and there will come a point in all of our lives where we maybe can't get away with wearing hotpants any longer, and when long hair only ages us, and we have to embrace shorter hair with grace. And its at those times when we'll look back and be glad that we flaunted our vodies when we had the chance.
We're young. We're toying between the last chapters of being a teenager, not quite ready to plummet straight into adulthood. and we're experimenting with our fashion, and how far we can push the boundaries. And any person to judge that is one who looks back and instead of feeling happy that they once did the same thing, are most likely those that didn't. And they're envious, and jealous and that turns into hatred.

Its hard enough for us to grow up in our every day lives with hormones playing havoc with our emotions, but for you its harder. You're growing up under the contant flashlight of Hollywood, and every step you take, you're watched. And you're faced with people who are waiting for you to just fuck up. And you will, more than likely. Maybe more times than you realise. But thats what we're supposed to do, mess up. We're meant to kiss as much frogs as we can, praying they turn into princes. We're supposed to drink too much and feel ashamed of ourselves the next day. Its the moments like these that we learn from our mistakes, and progress in life.

So, to all of those haters, waiting in line for Miley to mess up, take a step back and realise that once upon a time, you were young, too.
You make mistakes, and did some things that perhaps, looking back, you weren't proud of.
But you're also here today, alive and breathing.
So is it really fair to watch someone elses life with such a close scrutiny, when all Miley is doing is growing up? She's on the journey of discovering yourself, and that is something to celebrate, because one day she too will look back, just like you, and see with clarity the mistakes she made that were good, and those that maybe not so much. But she'll also be able to say that she learnt from those mistakes, and they will all define the person she progresses into.

Keep doing what you're doing, girlfriend.
(Maybe not salvia again, though!)

Lo x

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