Thursday, 31 March 2011

Lust is not Love.

How long does it really take to fall in love?
Instantly like Edward Cullen and Bella S
Gradually like Seth Cohen and Summer Adams?
Or does it take you an eternity with one person to really discover love?

How well can you really know someone in a week? A month? Even a year, or two, or three?
Ever had that one moment when you're surprised by someones action? Well, that's because there's still sides to that person that you've never seen.

Granted, you can love someone. The way their mouths pull back into that crooked smile, and the way their skin wrinkles round their perfect eyes. The way their lazy smiles expose husky laughter that makes us weak just hearing it. The way they look, because every time we see them we get this almighty rush of proudness that they're ours.

But how long is it until you're in love with somebody?
You can't know every single part of a person the minute you meet. Or when you introduce them to your world, because they're trying to find a way to fit. You can't know every single reaction that they're going to have to various situations, and whether or not they're really willing to fight off every other guy for you to remain just his.

It takes one or two seconds to say those three small words.
But sometimes I can't help but feel that people confuse lust, with love, and they're two completely different feelings. Lust is the way you feel when you see that person. Those shallow, desireable feelings of being attracted to someone. But love goes deeper than that. Love isn't about the way they look, it's the way thet act. And sometimes people are quick to confuse love.

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