Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dear, Jim;

Words cannot describe the anger I feel whenever I physically think of you, which isn't often due to the fact you repulse me.

You see, when people first meet you, they're seduced by thi
s cheeky charm that you have, and at first that was attractive. You were fun, had a good sense of humour and you could most likely get away with a lot of things. But now when I think about that, I realise that it wasn't attractive, it was actually an illusion, covering up what you're really like.
Because in actual fact, you're the lowest kind of person. You manipulate those around you, friends and family, making out that you're this poor, hard-up kid whose had such a shitty life, when in fact you've had so much just handed to you on a plate!

When I think about the amount of money I lavished on you during the four month period when we were together, it makes my blood boil
As does the fact you never had the balls to even dump me, just ignore me for days on end, until you decided to text my mum and tell her you wasn't happy.

Yeah, kudos for being a man.

But what annoys me more than anything is the fact you'd spend hours telling me you were different to all those other guys who hurt me, who lied to me, and cheated. And all along, I knew it was bullshit, and yet I still didn't see it coming. Or maybe I did, but I was hoping you would be different. Silly me.

The most laughable part of this is that you were all of them combined, and worse. It's like you try and convince yourself that you're not this vile person, but you are. And true colours will always show, eventually.

But just in case you think that I spent days getting over you, I didn't.
It took two hours of tears before I dyed my hair brown, cut it all off, and realised that I could do so much better than a midget with a small penis, who knows nothing about how to physically use it.

And when I message you for the stuff I asked for back almost a year ago, and you have the cheek to get arsey with me, let me tell you this. I spent months catering to every need you had. Buying you expensive clothes, and treating you all the time that I barely thought of myself, and i'm done being charmed by you. It doesn't work. And it's not the fact that the things i'm asking for back are so petty, it's the fact that they're mine, and you already had enough out of me, so I don't see why you should have more.

I've been cheated on, led on, and played by guys in my life, but all of them are nothing in comparrison to how much of a shitty person you are.

And what makes me laugh is that you're a twenty two year old guy and you can never be on your own. You go from girl to girl, using her, bleeding her dry of money until you find you next victim. And yet you give nothing in return except this little sob story.

And let me tell you this. The violin stopped playing a long time ago, and no one can hear the tune, so dance along to your own pathetic story, solo.

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