Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Be Who You Are.

After racism, the thing I hate most is discrimination against sexuality . . . homophobia.

Who is one person to say what is right in life, and what isn't?
No one in this world holds that right in my opinion. That power to preach to the rest of us what we should be for, and against. What we should encourage, and what we should hate.
Telling someone who they can love is restricting their existance.
So they don't follow the stereotypical lifestyle. Boy meets girl, boy a
nd said girl fall ever so happily in love, boy and girl then marry, boy and girl then start a family . . .
Just because thats what we see in films, and read in books, the iconic happily ever after story, it doesn't mean that its the structure for life, and we have t
o fall in line and conform.
People should be free to love who they love, without judgement and discrimination.

I can honestly say that when I have children one day in th
e future, I will encourage them to be the person they were born to be. Whether thats straight, bisexual, or gay - I don't care.

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