Saturday, 19 March 2011

Dear, Jonny;

A few weeks back, I followed the BBC programme, 'When Teenage Meets Old Age' which followed a group of youths, who stepped into the role of a carer, and looked after this group of elderly people living in a home.

I don't watch a lot of television, and if I'm honest, I followed this at first because I was with my Nan, and when I'm round her house, she's the Queen of the remote, and what she wants to watch is what goes. But I was gripped, after the very first episode. The way these teenagers responded would have been the way any teenager would have felt. At first they were unsure, perhaps cautious. Out of the comfort zone, and un-sure of how to react. For years, it seems there's been this divide between us youths, and the elderly
. As if the lives we live are so far from their lives that we couldn't possibly get on.

But they're wrong, because even as we live, we need to lo
ok to our elders and see the mistakes they made, the paths they chose, and the relationships they took. We should look into the way a lot more of their marriages lasted than they do in todays generation, and ask ourselves, what can we learn from them? And they too should ask the same thing, because we may do our hair differently, and dye it bright, bold colours and shave parts of it off and scruff it upwards into a scruffy mohawk, but we're still people. We laugh, we love, and we survive exactly the same way.

Someone that stood out for
me was Jonny Rowland, the young boy who bonded with Trevor in the way we do with our friends. And it was so lovely to see a young guy acting so down to earth, and friendly. The way he introduced Trevor to his friends, his family and his life as though Trevor wasn't years older than himself, but still in his twenties.

And it got me thinking about what I want from a guy, a relatonship. It's absolutely ideal to have a partner with Ambercrombie & Fitch good looks, a Calvin Klein ad physique, and that jaw-line we only read about in our favourite rom-com books. But realistically, that's just a fantasy. Someone once told me, 'Date someone for their personality and sense of humour, because that will never fade. Looks will.' And she was right. It's not about the way someone looks, it's about the way they see life. How they aspire for someone more, something better. And how they treat the people around them. And who better to look at than their parents. If a person doesn't have respect, and love for the two people who brought them into the world, then they're not going to have it for you, some girl who happens to want to be apart of that.

And the way Jonny was with his parents and Trevor, it made me stop and think, that's what I want. I want a guy with ambition. Somebody who wants something from life that some may say is just a dream, but is willing to work and grind themselves to the ground to achieve that goal. Someone who isn't self-obsessed, but probably doesn't realise just how good looking they actually are. Someone who cares more about living, than they do about the opinions of those around them. Someone who is comfortable with who they are.

I messaged Jonny on facebook just the other day, and half expecting some tart response, I was genuinely pleased to find that his response was exactly how I'd hoped. He was friendly, thankful and kind. I felt a little obsessive messaging him, as I'm not the kind who even so much as adds a random person onto facebook, let alone message someone I only know through seeing them on TV.

I simply told him that I'd followed the programme, and was touched by how he'd been with Trevor, and the fact that now, even after the show, he still sees Trevor regularly, he's a permament part of his life now. Okay, so I babbled a little bit, because what I didn't admit was the fact that I secretly had quite the crush on him. And who can blame me? He's exactly the kind of guy that any girl should be lucky to be with. But what exactly could I say without coming across as some stalker, lunatic? 'Hey, you don't know me, Jonny, but boy do I have the hots for you! ;). Haha - no. I can safely assure all you bloggers that I did in fact leave that part out. After all, what was he going to do? Accept a complete stranger, and say, 'Hey, let's date!'

But i'm just glad that he read my e-mail and proved himself to be exactly the guy he came across as over the TV. And Jonny, if ever you were to read this ridiuclous blog, then I, Lo, have the hots for you :)

Good luck for the future. You're going to be a star..

Lo x

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