Sunday, 20 March 2011

To Love or Not.

Love. Love. Love.
Such a simple, four lettered word and yet it holds so much meaning. Its what our favourite songs are about, its what the girl is trying to find in our favourite films, and it's what we're led to believe we need from life. A man, and a ring on our finger, it all equals to love, apparently.

But what if love isn't about finding the one, and about how big the diamond i
s that he puts on our wedding finger. Maybe love is about finding someone that can stand by you when life isn't so peachy. A person who can laugh with you through the tears. And who doesn't run a mile when you have days when you're angry and you hate the world, because it just makes you human. Someone that is there first thing in the morning when you've got the rankest breath, the worst hair-do since Rod Stewart, and absolutely no make-up on, and they don't look at you and think, holy shit. They lean forwards and kiss you, because to them, you've never been prettier.

Because that's love, right? It's not all bouqets of expensive roses, and champagne lunches. It's not about being lavished with expensive gifts, or whisked away on holiday. Anyone can do that. Love goes deeper than that. It's about being there during the times that you need someone to be there.

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  1. Love is lacking any kind of interest, is to make the other person feel the best person in the world.

    Have a good day, dear friend :)